In the context of increasing our global presence and subsequently our market share in the emerging online Luxury Estates Rentals industry and given our focus in related booming markets, it is with great honor that proudly announces it's participation in the International Luxury Travel Market trade-show in Shanghai, China (31st Oct – 2nd Nov). Within our New Market Entry Strategy below are some key facts of our “deep dive” due diligence resulting in this first component of our go-to-market plan for China. According to 2017 China Private Wealth Report by Bain Consulting and China Merchants Bank:

  • As of May 2016, the number of million net high-value people in mainland China is about 1.34 million, an increase of 130,000 from the previous year. The rate reached 10.7%;
  • The number of billions of high-net-worth people was approximately 89,000, an increase of 11,000 from last year, and the growth rate was as high as 14.1%.
  • 58% of high-end tourists used custom travel services provided by high-end travel agencies last year, and
  • 40% High-end tourists indicate that they will use high-end customized travel products for the next three years.



Driven by these sets of strong growth and past perfomance & preferences data, the market for the high-end travel industry in China is naturally booming.

Given all the above our new market entry focus in China makes perfect sense and is ideal!!



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